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Woman’s Watches Under $100

How to choose watches if your budget is limited by $100? The answer on this question is trivial, read this article and you will find it out.

Casual women’s watch

This kind of watches has awesome flower-power colored flowers on faces. The owner may leave the face on display or turn on the function “dancing flowers”. Any way such watches are popular among young ladies and they come with an 11 year warranty. Casual watches with dancing flowers animation are water resistant up to fifty meters.

Charm woman’s watch

Bracelets are decorated with 7 multi-colored butterfly charms. Cases of such watches are pink and rectangular. They are water resistant up to thirty meters.

DNKY leather watch

Squarish cases and large round faces make DNKY watches stunning. Easy to read markings give you an opportunity to see what time is with a glance. Bands of such watches are made of leather.

Stars on black dial

This kind of watches shows the owner that stars can be closer then he thinks. Turn on the animation and you will see stars flashing on the round dial. This watches comes with an 11 year warranty and look perfect with the steel or leather case.