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Water resistant watches

Watertight or waterresitant means that all elements of particular watch are protected by special gasket. Watertight is part of myths, frustrations and complaints of watches’ owners. There are no absolutely sealed watches even though if you have watch for diving they anyway have some limit of pressure they can resist.

There are a lot of factors affected on water resistance like form-factor, design and precision of manufacture, gasket material, temperature of environment and so on. Finally it’s not the end! Watertight is not constant it’s getting worse while using because of physic gaskets deteriorating.

Watertight of watches are actual only when they are tested. Watch conditions changes while usage and waterresistant too.

And remember value of meters on watch’s cover is not equalent of how deep you can put them under water.

Water Resistant 1 ATM or 10 m / 33 feet

These watches are not for swimming. You can go out with them in a rainy day (But not a storm of course). That’s it.

Water Resistant 3 ATM or 30 m / 99 feet

This sort of watches can be dived under water only for a short period of time for example while you wash the dishes.

Water Resistant 5 ATM or 50 m / 165 feet

These watches are for swimming on water surface.

Water Resistant 10 ATM or 100 m / 333 feet

These watches are suitable for snorkeling and swimming.

Water Resistant 15 ATM or 150 m / 500 feet

The watches with this mark have pretty same limitations like previous category.

Water Resistant 20 ATM or 200 m / 660 feet

These watches fit for scuba-diving.

Water Resistant 30 ATM or 300 m / 984 feet

You can dive up to 30 meters with these watches for 1-2 hours.

Water Resistant 50 ATM or 500 m / 1640 feet

You can dive up to 50 meters with these watches for 1-2 hours.

Water Resistant 100 ATM or 1000 m / 3280 feet

These watches are suitable for deep diving.

Water Resistant 200 ATM or 2000 m / feet and more

These watches are for professional sea diving and works just fine with huge pressure outside.